"..introducing a quartet of opulence nestled within nature’s embrace – four exquisitely crafted villas embodying timeless elegance and unparalleled luxury.."

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The absolute greek summer

Welcome to Theros

This piece of land, has been the absolute scenery of our childhood memories, when our family gathered together, to be left to the endless Greek summer. Diving from the peer into the calm sea, family feasts under the wild olive trees, playing and nature exploring for kids and parents, was our understanding of simply relaxing.
In our eyes, this land represents a secret paradise, that generously offers the touch of nature, intriguing all senses. We are delighted to be able to share this feeling with travelers from all over the world, that are seeking privacy, serenity and authenticity in a luxurious, but also fully aligned to surrounding nature, accommodation.

Luxurious Villas

A quartet of opulence nestled within nature’s embrace

Villa Aloefrom $300/Night

Villa Basilfrom $250/Night

Villa Citrusfrom $300/Night

Daphnefrom $250/Night

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Indulge in gourmet meals tailored to your tastes, explore the scenic wonders of the region at your own pace with our flexible transportation options, and immerse yourself in exhilarating adventures on the sparkling waters